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Episode 21 – Divorce: What happens to Your Retirement Accounts?

On today’s podcast, Larry Heller brings on a guest to discuss the financial considerations that go along with divorcing later on in life.

Who better to discuss this topic with than Gayle Rosenblum, an award-winning matrimonial and family law attorney of Rubin and Rosenblum, PLLC.

In this episode, Gayle and Larry explore the special challenges that older adults face when they’re going through a divorce.

Gayle explains how retirement accounts and assets, like a shared business, can be divvied up between spouses who are divorcing. Gayle also addresses how a divorce can impact Social Security benefits, health insurance, and life insurance.

Tune in and gain some expert advice on the financial side of a golden-year divorce.

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Episode 20 – Strategies To Minimize Income Taxes On Investments

Do you want to put more money in your pocket after taxes?  When planning for retirement it is not only wise to include an investment strategy, it is also good to implement strategies to minimize income taxes on that investment strategy.  It is time to take a look at what your taxes are and how they affect your investments.

Learn more in this episode as I take you through some strategies on how to minimize taxes on your investments.

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