Month: May 2023

The Risk Factor: Unraveling Investment Pitfalls (Ep. 129)

The Risk Factor: Unraveling Investment Pitfalls (Ep. 129)

The lack of risk assessment in some investment types can lead people to overlook potential risks until a negative outcome occurs. With the current state of several regional banks such as Silicon Valley Bank, it is becoming increasingly important to understand and manage financial risks pertaining to cash and other investments.

In this podcast episode, Larry Heller, CFP®, CDFA® provides insight into the complexities of financial risk management. Join him to gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of cash, bonds and equities and essential insights on mitigating risk in today’s volatile economic landscape. 

Larry discusses: 

  • Risk and how it relates to a number of different asset classes
  • The ins and outs of FDIC Insurance, treasury money markets, and debt limits
  • Solutions to help maintain your confidence in your portfolio 
  • Cash risks you might not have considered before
  • And more

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Guiding the Visually Impaired: A Journey of Inclusion in Triathlons and Ironmans with Caroline Gaynor (Ep. 128)

Guiding the Visually Impaired: A Journey of Inclusion in Triathlons and Ironmans with Caroline Gaynor (Ep. 128)

People with disabilities may face challenges when engaging in everyday activities. However, participating in competitive sports can be even more daunting for them. 

What can we do to provide them with the necessary support?

Join us in this release as Larry Heller, CFP®, CDFA®, sits down with Caroline Gaynor, Vice President, Relationship Director & Investment Specialist at Avantis Investors.

During this conversation, Caroline discusses her journey of guiding visually disabled athletes in high-intensity and competitive sports such as triathlons and Ironmans. She shares insights on how she became involved in this field and some of her most remarkable experiences. Furthermore, Caroline provides suggestions on how we can support para-athletes.

Caroline discusses: 

  • How visually impaired athletes can participate with modifications in sports such as triathlons
  • Her most eye-opening experiences while guiding in triathlons and Ironmans
  • The hardest part of helping others in high intensive sports
  • Ways you help para-athletes and where you can volunteer
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Caroline Gaynor has a day job working as a regional director for a large asset manager. Outside of her job, Caroline works hard at something that isn’t a job but is more than a hobby: guiding visually-impaired triathletes. A triathlete since her college years, Caroline got into guiding by chance in 2008 and was hooked.