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Episode 64 – 7 Financial Steps for Pre-Retirees to Take During COVID-19

People’s expenses are being upended as adult kids return home and family members lose income. Banks aren’t paying much for cash. Is it still possible to retire right? 

In this episode, Larry Heller brings you seven financial steps to take during COVID-19. These steps are especially important if you’re retired or nearing retirement. Get ready to take notes, take action, and stay on your path to retiring right. 

You will learn:

  • Seven financial steps to take right now
  • A possible solution for earning higher interest on cash
  • Why you must know your withdrawal rate to retire right
  • Which life factors play a role in determining your withdrawal rate
  • Three ways to determine the correct amount to have in cash, bonds, and equities
  •  And more!

Tune in to learn seven financial steps to take right now!


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