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Episode 30 – Don’t Fall for These Common Misconceptions About Medicaid

Do you know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

Today, Larry Heller breaks down common misconceptions with the help of Kevin Condon, a lawyer who specializes in elder law estate and long-term care planning.

To help listeners understand the inner workings of Medicaid, Larry and Kevin explain how it differs from Medicare. Then they clear up misconceptions they’ve both encountered with clients, including the belief that you can’t ever qualify for Medicaid if you have too many assets, or that your assets are protected from Medicaid in a revocable trust.

Kevin also outlines why it’s important to plan and protect your assets, even if you don’t think you need to plan for Medicaid. He also discusses the best age to start preparing.

Tune in today for an information-packed episode of helpful tips that will help you better prepare for your retirement.


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Episode 29 – 10 Ways You Can Improve Your Investment Experience

Investing can feel stressful when it seems like people we know and media are constantly making predictions about the market. Who can you trust? What information is actually going to help you invest wisely?

Larry Heller is hoping to bring clarity to your investment experience in this episode. By tuning in, you’ll learn 10 guidelines, which includes resisting the urge to outguess the market and practicing smart diversification.

Join Larry as he shares valuable insight backed by scientific data, to help you invest with ease.

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