Month: December 2023

Is Your Portfolio Missing Out? The Rise of Private Credit with Alona Gornick (Ep. 143)

Is Your Portfolio Missing Out? The Rise of Private Credit with Alona Gornick (Ep. 143)

Is private credit the hidden gem missing in your investment portfolio? 

Explore the untapped potential of private credit in your investment portfolio with Larry Heller, CFP®, CDFA® and special guest Alona Gornick, Managing Director and Senior Investment Strategist at Churchill Asset Management. Together, they take us deep into the intricacies of private credit, a burgeoning asset class currently commanding a substantial $1.5 trillion in assets.

Larry & Alona discuss:

  • What is Private Credit, what advantages does it offer, and how it has experienced such growth
  • Private Credit’s diversity such as, asset based lending, equipment finance, venture debt, and more
  • The Investor Appeal to those seeking steady income and a buy-and-hold approach
  • How innovative fund structures break down barriers, making private credit accessible to individual investors and opening new avenues for diversified portfolios
  • And much more!


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About Alona Gornick:

Alona Gornick serves as a Managing Director, Senior Investment Strategist, and Co-Head of the Chicago Office for Churchill Asset Management. In her role, Alona provides meaningful investment insights across the private capital spectrum to the investment community, with a particular emphasis on the Private Wealth and Retail channel. She works closely with Nuveen’s global distribution team to deepen relationships with and educate Churchill’s investors and partners.

Alona also serves as Co-Head of Churchill’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council, where she collaborates on initiatives that prioritize inclusion and authenticity. She joined Churchill in 2017 as an Originator, developing relationships with leading private equity sponsors to source and structure high-quality deal flow for the platform. Alona has spent 14 years in various investment, capital markets and investor relations roles at leading organizations, including Nuveen (Churchill’s parent company), Golden Gate Capital, and Oaktree Capital Management. 

The Great Wealth Transfer, Part 2: Bridging Generations (Ep. 142)

The Great Wealth Transfer, Part 2: Bridging Generations (Ep. 142)

As we delve deeper into the transformative phenomenon of the Great Wealth Transfer, Part 2 of our series further explores the staggering $68 to $74 trillion destined to cascade down over the next decade.

In “The Great Wealth Transfer, Part 2,” Larry Heller, CFP®, CDFA®, guides us through the intricate dynamics of this wealth transition, offering crucial insights for aging parents and their millennial heirs. Larry sheds light on key aspects, empowering millennials to navigate challenging conversations with their Boomer parents and ensuring a seamless, secure transfer of wealth. This episode is a must-listen for those aiming to redefine their financial legacy in the face of this monumental wealth shift.

Key discussion points include:

  • Strategies for smooth talks about inheritance between the Boomer generation and the Millennial Generation
  • How advisors navigate the emotional and practical sides of wealth transfer
  • Insights into fair wealth sharing in complex family dynamics
  • Essential advice to keep everyone safe from fraud
  • Understanding the importance of Medicaid and trusts in financial plans & estate planning
  • A look at the bigger picture of estate planning beyond finances
  • The uncomfortable but necessary “end-of-life planning” conversation between children and parents
  • How staying organized can improve estate planning
  • And much more!



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