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Charity Spotlight: Chillin’ With Adam: The Adam Gaynes Foundation

In this episode, Larry meets with David Gaynes, co-president of Chillin’ With Adam: The Adam Gaynes Foundation. David and his wife created this non-profit organization in honor of their 11-year-old son, Adam, who passed away after his lifelong battle with a brain tumor. Inspired by Adam’s courage and spirit, Chillin’ With Adam funds projects and programs at hospitals and schools to help make life easier for children and their families who are impacted by brain tumors, cancer, or blood disorders.  

David and Larry share details about the 4th Annual Adam Gaynes Golf, Tennis and Spa Day at Cold Spring Country Club, on Thursday July 12, 2018. Tune in and find out where you can purchase tickets and how you can raise funds.

David also explains how your donation to Chillin’ with Adam will make a difference in the care, comfort, and eventual cure for children diagnosed with brain tumors and other diseases. Your generosity will help Adam’s strength, courage, and spirit live on.


Adam Gaynes Foundation:

Register here for the 4th Annual Adam Gaynes Golf, Tennis and Spa Day

For more information, watch this YouTube video on the Adam Gaynes Foundation

Episode 24 – An Introduction to Friendship Force International—With Guest, Ivan Ziegler

In this episode, you’ll meet one of Larry’s clients, Ivan Ziegler, the Long Island Chapter President of Friendship Force International.

Friendship Force International is a non-profit cultural organization that focuses on promoting understanding, cultural education, and citizen diplomacy through homestay journeys and personal friendships. By bringing together people from different cultures and backgrounds, the organization hopes to create mutual respect and even lifelong friendships.

Tune in as Ivan shares stories about hosting tourists and explains how these experiences have shaped how he views himself and others.

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