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Preparing for Retirement Through a Non-Financial Lens with Reid Stone (Ep. 104)

Retirement is a huge milestone that you’ve spent your life saving for. But have you planned for what your retirement will actually look like, from a non-financial perspective?

If you ask someone, “what are you going to do in retirement?”, you may find that a lot of people can’t tell you.

In this episode, Larry Heller, CFP®, welcomes Reid Stone, founder and chief executive officer of My Life’s Encore (MLE) to discuss how retirement coaches can be your guide to preparing for the non-financial side of retirement. He challenges you to think about the time spent planning for retirement as an investment that generates future returns.

Reid discusses: 

  • Why it is important to plan for the non-financial aspects of retirement – in the physical, mental, social, and spiritual terms
  • Why retirement is changing and how a retirement coach can be valuable when you are planning for retirement
  • How non-financial planning connects to financial planning to create a more successful and happy retirement
  • How and when to find a retirement coach right for you
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Being part of the financial advisory industry for 20+ years, I noticed that clients are focused on the financial side of retirement but are often unprepared for the non-financial aspects of retirement (The Other Side of Retirement) that include the mental, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual.

My Life’s Encore was originally created to educate advisors, HR professionals, and the general public about the importance of planning for the non-financial aspects of retirement. I believe that education and guidance are the keys to a more successful retirement.

My focus is helping financial services companies educate clients and implement non-financial retirement planning to help clients and also benefit their firm. You can learn more about the changing face of retirement at My white paper, The Strategic Value of Helping Clients Plan Their Ideal Retirement Lifestyle- Planning for the Non-Financial Aspects of Longevity In An Age of Longevity, is available for download from my website (under Resources).

In previous roles I led financial advisory firm operations. I enjoyed strategically growing and developing the businesses by continuously improving both operational efficiency and the client experience. Areas of leadership include project management, investment operations, investment performance reporting, technology integrations, compliance, hiring, training, and EOS (from the book Traction).

Outside of the office I enjoy anything that keeps me active- bicycling, kayaking, walking, longboarding- as well as following the local sports teams and reading.



What You Need to Know About Fiduciary Duty Claim For Financial Professionals With Stephen Brodsky (Ep.103)

What is a fiduciary? Investment advisors, financial advisors, and wealth managers can all adhere to different legal obligations. But how do those duties differ between different types of financial professionals?

In this episode, Larry Heller, CFP®, welcomes Stephen Brodsky, Esq., a corporate partner as they explore fiduciary duties in the financial industry. Stephen helps to simplify the legal terms used by financial professionals to give you a better understanding of their duties.  Larry and Stephen discuss whether all financial advisors should be a fiduciary. Why and why not?

Stephen discusses:

  • What a fiduciary is in practical terms
  • What a Regulatory Best Interest (Reg BI) is and what it means
  • How his chapter in “Fiduciary Duty Claims Involving Investment Advisers and Other Financial Professionals” helps to clarify this often-confused part of the financial world
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Stephen Brodsky is a litigation and corporate partner with Mazzola Lindstrom LLP in New York City. He represents private companies, business owners, and executives in their business dealings and disputes. His practice is a mix of outside general counsel representation, transactional work, and complex commercial litigation. He spent the first half of his career in “big law” and has practiced for over twenty-five years. Outside of his practice, he serves in leadership positions both in the American Bar Association and New York State Bar Association. Stephen is also the author of a Chapter in a recently published Book discussing Fiduciary Duty Claims Involving Investment Advisers and other Financial Professionals.


What You Can Expect When Working with Heller Wealth Management (Ep. 102)

Our firm creates financial resilience, find out what that means.  

In this episode, Larry Heller, CFP®, highlights how his business is so much more than just an investment management company—it is a place where you can achieve financial resilience. Larry dives into all the ways that they help their clients achieve their financial goals.

Larry discusses:

  • Why it is important to know your ambitions and desires before creating an investment plan
  • The importance of tax strategies when it comes to your investments and how to keep the most money
  • Creating a financial plan so you know how much you need to save before retirement and how much you can spend after retirement
  • Making sure your legacy plan is properly set up to your wishes
  • And so much more!

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Applying Positive Manipulation in 2022 with Donna Martini (Ep. 101)

Do you have a mantra that you repeat to yourself daily? How do you ensure that you are in the right mindset to accomplish all that you set out to do in a day?

Larry is thrilled to have Donna Martini, cognitive coach and creator of Positive Manipulation®, back on the show for the latest episode of Life Unlimited!

Larry and Donna discuss how positive manipulation can be applied to your personal aspirations to achieve success. Donna shares her expertise about the power of the mind and how concepts like mantras can be used to shift your outlook on life.

Larry and Donna discuss:

  • The long term effects of using mantras and applying self-healing processes to your life
  • The power of visualization in terms of success and how this process can lead you to happiness in various aspects of your life
  • How the human body is connected to the earth, and the ways in which the pandemic has contributed to a disconnect
  • And more!


Connect With Donna Martini:

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About Our Guest: 

Donna Martini is a cognitive coach and student of psychology who has authored many books including “My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras” and the “10 Commandments of Divorce”. She helped people tap into their inmate spiritual power and human potential. Donna has been a wellness and green activists for over three decades and recently created a cartoon character named Mantra Mouse to help spread messages of unconditional love, unity and forgiveness.

Her company, DM Enterprises, LLC is a one-stop, design-to-completion entity that promotes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being through innovative environmental enhancements and the encouragement of a resolute mindset and healthy lifestyle practices. Every program, book, seminar, and office enhancement is custom fit to meet client needs.