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Episode 61 – Sources of Financial Elder Abuse You Should Be Aware Of – With Jeff Haber

Would you know how to tell if your aging loved one is being financially abused? The signs aren’t always apparent — and neither are the abusers. 

In this episode, Larry Heller explores this necessary topic with Jeffrey Haber, the co-founding partner of Freiberger Haber LLP. They talk about the subtle, and not so subtle, signs of financial abuse and what kinds of individuals are notorious for exploiting seniors. You will also discover what laws are in place to protect your loved ones and what actions you can take. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The signs of senior financial exploitation
  • Which state and federal laws are designed to protect seniors from being financially exploited
  • What securities and banking regulators are doing to detect and prevent the financial exploitation of seniors
  • What friends and family can do to protect their loved ones
  • And more!

Join this conversation now to learn about the signs of financial abuse and what steps to take in order to protect your loved ones. 


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