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Mastering Divorce: Protecting Your Assets and Future with Lisa Zeiderman (Ep.134)

Mastering Divorce: Protecting Your Assets and Future with Lisa Zeiderman (Ep.134)

In today’s episode, Lisa Zeiderman, Esq., CDFA®, CFL™, and Managing Partner at Miller Zeiderman LLP, sheds light on the complexities and processes of divorce, particularly when it occurs later in life. This episode offers essential guidance to effectively navigate the challenges that may arise when dealing with shared assets and liabilities, the emotional strain of divorce, or intricate matters related to business ownership and tax implications.

Listen as Larry Heller, CFP®, CDFA®, and Lisa share valuable insights on critical questions to ask when searching for a divorce attorney. They also discuss why divorce proceedings can differ when you own a business and delve into other significant issues, such as imputation of income, division of assets and liabilities, and maintenance laws.

Throughout this episode, you will gain useful insight surrounding divorce including:

  • Who to seek for help when dealing with assets, liabilities, and equitable distribution.
  • The emotional toll that divorce can have on your physical and mental well-being.
  • Tax implications surrounding the sale of the matrimonial home.
  • Considerations to keep in mind when divorcing with children, especially concerning custody arrangements.
  • How to address separate property claims, such as inherited assets or pre-marital property.

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About Our Guest:

Lisa Ziderman is a highly respected managing partner at Miller Ziderman LLP in New York. As a matrimonial attorney, CFL™ and certified divorce financial analyst, she specializes in complex financial and custody divorce cases for high net-worth individuals with multiple prestigious awards and memberships, including being named a notable woman attorney.

And a notable diverse lawyer by Cranes, New York. Lisa is a trusted expert in her field. She has been featured in renowned publications like Psychology Today and Financial Advisor Magazine.

Having the Money Talk With Your Parents (Ep. 86)

Having the Money Talk With Your Parents (Ep. 86)

According to a 2019 study by GOBankingRates, 73% of Americans have not had a conversation about finances with their aging parents. Meanwhile, 23% have tried to approach the subject, but their parents refused to engage in the conversation. Furthermore, 19% are afraid to bring up the subject at all, and 17% believe talking about money is a taboo in their family.

However, this talk is not something you should shy away from.

In this episode, Larry Heller highlights the importance of having financial conversations with your aging parents. He shares stories of cases he’s seen over the years, illustrating the benefits that can come with having these conversations — and what can happen to those who don’t have the money talk. 

Larry Heller discusses: 

  • The benefits of having financial conversations
  • Planning documents and why they are important
  • Different approaches for initiating money conversations with your parents
  • How Heller Wealth Management assists clients with these conversations 
  • And more! 


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