Bonds: The Underrated Investment Vehicle (Ep. 32)

Bonds: The Underrated Investment Vehicle (Ep. 32)

When people invest, they often forget about bonds and invest solely in stocks. Why is that?

Perhaps most people simply don’t have enough information; Larry Heller has met several clients who didn’t know what bonds were, let alone the advantages of investing in them. If lack of knowledge is the issue, Larry is here to fill the gap.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

    • How bonds work as an investment vehicle


    • Different types of bonds and which ones might be suitable for you


    • The characteristics of bonds


    • How to purchase bonds


    • How to assess the potential for risk before purchasing a bond


    • The difference between taxable and tax-free bonds


    How and why you should use bonds

Tune in today to learn more about bonds, the underrated investment vehicle!

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