Episode 35 –  Your Retirement Paycheck

The transition from the work world to the retirement world can take a while to get used to. Sometimes, peace of mind can come from being able to recreate a paycheck every month.

In this episode, Larry Heller recommends variables and strategies to consider as you plan to create your retirement paycheck.

Today you will learn:

    What it means to have a retirement paycheck
    How planning for a retirement paycheck can help you figure out how much money you truly need each month
    What role fixed payment plays when calculating your retirement paycheck
    Three retirement portfolio strategies that you can use to recreate a retirement paycheck
    Factors to consider when deciding which approach is best for you
    Why you might not need to change your lifestyle in order to meet financial goals during retirement
    Which factors might influence which accounts you draw your retirement paychecks from
    And more!

Tune in now and learn how you can start planning out your retirement paycheck, so you can retire right!

Resources: Heller Wealth Management