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RMDs & The Age Increase: What This Means For Your Portfolio (Ep.125)

With the emergence of the new SECURE (Setting Every Community Up For Retirement Enhancement) Act 2.0, there are upwards of 100 different changes made that will affect the onset and process of your retirement. The one in the hot seat today is the RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) age change. 

In this episode, Larry Heller, CFP®, discusses one of the most important changes for those nearing RMD age and explains how this change might impact your investment strategy moving forward, as well as ways to implement tax savings strategies.

Larry discusses: 

  • How your investment strategy might change with the requirement age of RMDs being pushed back 
  • How you can juggle different accounts in this process with a longer time horizon
  • The increased time you have to pull out your RMDs and how this may impact your portfolio and retirement
  • The importance of tax planning for your IRA
  • And more

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QDROs & Divorce: Understanding the Settlement of Retirement Assets with Derrick A. Rubin, Esq. (Ep. 124)

Most people don’t prepare for a divorce before they get married. In most divorces, property that was acquired during the marriage is subject to division between the spouses depending on a number of factors. 

Dividing assets and understanding how they are calculated post-separation is a crucial step in the divorce process. A QDRO can be used to divide retirement assets between the two spouses as a part of the property settlement. 

In this episode, Larry Heller, CFP®, is joined by Derrick A. Rubin, partner at Wisselman, Harounian & Associates to discuss how you can navigate a divorce when it comes to using a QDRO to split assets.

Derrick focuses on: 

  • What a QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) is, and how it works 
  • How various retirement plans differ in divorce settlements
  • The process of equitable distribution
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Derrick A. Rubin, Esq. is a Partner at Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C. and has been with the firm since 1997. He has been recognized by Newsday as an expert in matrimonial law and has been named a New York Metro Super Lawyer for 7 consecutive years. In addition to matrimonial law, he has extensive experience in residential and commercial real estate, estate planning, civil litigation and criminal and business law.



The Importance of Instilling Financial Literacy in Children with Karen Tenenbaum, co-creator of Walter the Vault (Ep. 123)

When today’s guest witnessed her 5-year-old daughter squeal with delight by inserting a quarter into a vending machine, she knew she had to instill proper financial habits, and fast.

Did you know that by the age of seven, most children have built their foundation for how they view, and spend money? To help ward off life-long implications from poor spending decisions, Karen Tenenbaum, Esq, CPA, co-founder of Commerce Plaza Inc., and Walter the Vault, made it her mission to bring financial literacy to the schools of New York.

Join Larry Heller, CFP® as he chats with Karen about her efforts in providing financial literacy education to children through working with school districts, obtaining grants, and giving life to a character that uses rhyme to teach money skills. 

Listen as Karen discusses: 

  • Why learning about money at a young age is essential to building life-long skills 
  • How she’s helped 75,000 children take part in a 6-week financial literacy curriculum
  • Why Walter the Vault was created and how he makes learning fun and interactive
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Karen Tenenbaum, Esq, LL.M., CPA, has been an attorney for over 35 years and founded her firm, Tenenbaum Law, P.C. which helps individuals and businesses facing IRS and New York State tax problems. Karen is a frequent speaker on IRS and NYS Tax issues for numerous professional groups and serves as a committee member and chairwoman of several local organizations.  Karen is the co-creator of Walter the Vault and co-founder of Commerce Plaza, Inc. both of which promote financial literacy.


Why women need to be aware of their financial situation with Belinda Tsui (Ep.122)

Calling all women!! Are you currently in a position where your partner manages your finances and you have no idea what they are? Then it’s time for you to get more involved in these conversations.

Being aware of your assets and investments while truly understanding all of your finances is more important than ever. It allows you to take the burden off your future self in case you are faced with a big life change that may impact the way in which you manage your finances. 

In this episode, Larry Heller, CFP®, is joined by Belinda Tsui, CFP® a Wealth Manager at Heller Wealth Management to discuss what women need to know when it comes to managing their finances, with, or without a partner. 

Belinda and Larry discuss: 

  • Experiences they have had with women clients that were not involved in their financial situation and the impact it had when faced with a life change. 
  • The importance of both spouses being part of the financial meetings and discussions regarding familial financial decisions 
  • How women can get more involved in the financial planning process
  • And more

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  • (631) 248-3600

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About Our Guest:

As a wealth manager with over 20 years experience, Belinda Tsui, CFP® has been with Heller Wealth Management since 2019. She focuses on advising, counseling, and creating financial resilience for high-net-worth individuals, divorcees/widows and business owners with a concentration of working with women.


Using a Cash Balance Plan to Save Large Pre-Tax Dollars with David Yackel (Ep.121)

A Cash Balance Plan allows you to put away larger amounts than a traditional defined contribution retirement plan. In this episode, Larry Heller, CFP®, is joined by David Yackel from Pension Review Services to talk about all things cash balance planning.

David discusses: 

  • How a cash balance plans differ from your traditional defined contribution retirement accounts
  • Why a cash balance plan is beneficial if you are looking to save large amounts pre-tax
  • Who is a good candidate for a Cash Balance Plan
  • How you can take advantage of a retroactive cash balance plan for 2022
  • And more

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About David Yackel:

David Yackel heads up the consulting practice for Pension Review Services. He is responsible for defined benefit plan actuarial valuations and is involved in many aspects of the firm’s Pension and Profit Sharing and Non-qualified Retirement Plan activities. Dave reviews plans for legal and technical actuarial compliance and, when necessary, designs new plans to meet clients’ needs, while providing insight into how their plans are performing and what variables will determine performance long-term. Dave’s expert analysis and recommendations allow clients to make intelligent, informed decisions that move them closer to their financial goals.

Prior to joining Pension Review Services, Dave worked at Chernoff Diamond & Co., LLC, where he served as the Chief Consulting Actuary for over 30 years. David also worked at Kwasha Lipton and William M. Mercer, where he provided actuarial and consulting services to a varied group of corporate employers.

Dave is active in the pension community and has presented before various Society of Actuaries groups and meetings.

Dave commented, “At Pension Review Services, I’m able to surround myself with a team of top notch professionals who keep me inspired and energized—attributes that ultimately benefit my clients as well.”



Sage Advice for Simplifying your Life with Financial & Lifestyle Concierge, Judith Heft CMC® (Ep. 120 )

When life feels like it is running faster than you can handle, don’t you wish that you had some sort of manual to keep your life in check? Organizing your finances can help you avoid late fees and missed payments, and help you reduce stress and free up your time to do things you enjoy.

In this episode, Larry Heller, CFP® welcomes the founder and CEO of Judith Heft & Associates, Financial and Lifestyle Concierge. Judy Heft, CMC® joins Larry to talk about money management throughout all stages of life, how important it is to get your finances organized, and how knowing how and where you spend your money can help you feel financially confident.

Judy discusses: 

  • How a hobby of bookkeeping turned into a business 
  • Client success stories that put Judy’s organizational tactics to use
  • Why it’s important to take stock of your automatic, online payments
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Judy Heft, CMC® is the CEO of Judith Heft and Associates Financial and Lifestyle Concierge. Judy Heft and Associates has built its reputation on simplifying the chaos of their clients’ lives to give them more time to do what they want to do. A few of Judy’s many attributes include author, financial organizer and bookkeeper. Judy has a passion for helping people get organized, save money and have more time to enjoy life. Her clients come from all walks of life, including time challenged executives, divorcees and individuals with special needs.  



Investing with the Reservoir Strategy (Ep.119)

To avoid worrying about day-to-day stock market volatility, it might be a good idea to start investing with the reservoir strategy. Turn off the media, stop listening to those so-called experts that make short term predictions in the stock market. Have a plan in place especially when you are withdrawing money to create an investment portfolio that provides three reservoirs so you can stop worrying about current market volatility. 

In this episode, Larry Heller, CFP® discusses the importance of prepping clients before they start making investing decisions. He explains how he has been able to educate, and talk to clients prior to implementing investment strategies, and how Heller Wealth Management creates an Reservoir Investment  Strategy that works both when markets are doing well, AND when they are struggling. 

Larry discusses: 

  • How he works with his clients to prepare a well-rounded strategy in anticipation of market volatility 
  • Why knowing your financial “time-horizon” is so important
  • How your retirement plans affect how you make your investing decisions
  • The significance of identifying, or revisiting your risk tolerance level
  • And more


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Shedding Light on Low Vision with Dr. Steven Schoenbart (Ep. 118)

Do you have trouble seeing clearly? Low vision refers to anything less than 20/20, accompanied by some sort of blur, or loss of vision. To help correct it, there are a number of helpful solutions available, such as different types of lenses, adjusting your diet, reviewing your overall health and bloodwork with your family doctor and mineral supplements. 

In this episode, Larry Heller, CFP®, is joined by Dr. Steven Schoenbart, OD, the founder of Schoenbart Vision Care in Garden City, New York. He has been practicing in the optical industry since 1978, and is currently New York State certified in low vision rehabilitative optometry. 

Join Larry and Dr. Steven as they discuss:

  • Why low vision cannot be corrected with standard eyeglasses
  • How you can improve the onset of macular degeneration 
  • What contributes to vision loss, and eye disease. 
  • How magnifiers and telescopes can improve low vision
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Dr. Steve Schoenbart, OD, prescribes spectacle mounted, miniature telescopic glasses to help restore the ability to read, drive, see faces & use the computer again. Low Vision devices For Macular Degeneration, Diabetes, non operative cataracts, Ocular Albinism & other eye diseases causing Vision Loss. 


Time to Have Those Tough Conversations with Your Parents (Ep.117)

Calling all members of the sandwich generation! 

As your parents age, you start to ask yourself a number of questions. What will happen when they are no longer able to live independently? When is a good time to step in, and offer help? 

Is it a good idea to get a third party to help pay bills on their behalf?

In this episode of the Life Unlimited podcast, Larry Heller, CFP, discusses the benefits of having an open, and honest discussion with your parents about their future.

Tune in as Larry discusses: 

  • How a third party can help mediate a conversation about bills and payments, and how they can take control of finances to ensure essentials are paid on time
  • The importance of knowing exactly where all of your parents’ assets are
  • How mobility and potential illness issues can affect your parents living situation
  • And more

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89. Determining the Optimal Investment Asset Allocation For Retirees

Asset allocation is one of the most important concepts for investors to grasp. 

That’s why one of the most-asked investment questions is, “How can we achieve optimal asset allocation, particularly during retirement?”

In this episode, Larry Heller addresses some of your questions and fears about asset allocation for retirees. He provides sound advice on your investments and walks you through some of the ways Heller Wealth Management can assist you in creating a portfolio that is tailored to your specific needs.

Larry Heller discusses: 

  • Why some of the most frequently used asset allocation rules should be avoided when constructing a portfolio
  • Three factors to consider when creating an optimal asset allocation portfolio
  • What a withdrawal is
  • How the Heller Wealth Management Reservoir Strategy works and how it may help you overcome panic selling and market fears 
  • And more


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