Investing with the Reservoir Strategy (Ep.119)

Investing with the Reservoir Strategy (Ep.119)

To avoid worrying about day-to-day stock market volatility, it might be a good idea to start investing with the reservoir strategy. Turn off the media, stop listening to those so-called experts that make short term predictions in the stock market. Have a plan in place especially when you are withdrawing money to create an investment portfolio that provides three reservoirs so you can stop worrying about current market volatility. 

In this episode, Larry Heller, CFP® discusses the importance of prepping clients before they start making investing decisions. He explains how he has been able to educate, and talk to clients prior to implementing investment strategies, and how Heller Wealth Management creates an Reservoir Investment  Strategy that works both when markets are doing well, AND when they are struggling. 

Larry discusses: 

  • How he works with his clients to prepare a well-rounded strategy in anticipation of market volatility 
  • Why knowing your financial “time-horizon” is so important
  • How your retirement plans affect how you make your investing decisions
  • The significance of identifying, or revisiting your risk tolerance level
  • And more


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