The History of Baseball: Where It All Began (Ep. 85)

The History of Baseball: Where It All Began (Ep. 85)

Are you a baseball fan?

If yes, then this is an episode you won’t want to miss!

Join Larry Heller as he sits down with longtime client and baseball historian, Ira Dornstein. Ira Dornstein takes you on a journey through baseball’s history, including unforgettable moments and insider information you may not find anywhere else! 

You will learn:  

  • The origin of baseball 
  • Did Abner Doubleday really invent baseball?
  • Ira’s favorite baseball parks and what makes them unique
  • Exclusive baseball tales and experiences
  • Ira Dornstein’s baseball history classes
  • And more! 

 Tune in to learn about the history of baseball with guest IRA Dornstein! 

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