An Employer’s Guide to 401(k) Plans: A Four-Part Series (Part IV) (Ep. 150)

An Employer’s Guide to 401(k) Plans: A Four-Part Series (Part IV) (Ep. 150)

Are your 401(k) offerings impacting employee wellness and engagement?

Join Larry Heller, CFP®, CDFA®, in the concluding episode of our four-part series, “An Employer’s Guide to 401k Plans.” This final segment focuses on the broader impact of 401(k) plans in terms of employee well-being and corporate culture. Larry explores how these plans transcend traditional retirement savings and play a pivotal role in fostering financial literacy, engagement, and loyalty among employees.

Larry Discusses:

  • The vital role of 401(k) plans in attracting and retaining talent and the extensive benefits for employers
  • Clarifying contributions, fund choices, and Roth options in 401(k) plans to support informed decision-making
  • Providing easily accessible resources and dedicated support for navigating 401(k) plans effectively
  • The importance of comparing model portfolios with target date funds for diverse financial needs and personalized investment approaches
  • The need for showcasing an employer’s commitment to employee well-being through comprehensive financial wellness programs
  • The necessity of continuous communication and regular educational meetings to engage employees in their 401(k) plans
  • And much more!



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