Episode 53 — Current Stock Market Valuation: Are You Worried? Here’s What to Do

We’re hitting all-time highs in all of the indexes, which means the market’s valuations are high. As an investor, you might be asking yourself, “Where do I go from here?”

In this episode, Larry Heller talks about the urge many investors are having to get out of the market and “go back in after a correction”— a plan that has all the hallmarks of

trying to time the market. Listen to this timely conversation as Larry uncovers what you should know about the current state of the market and what to do when it eventually drops. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why investors think they should try timing the market
  • Whether investment advisors can truly predict the market
  • Ways investors are impacted emotionally by the market’s ups and downs 
  • Eight actions to take during this current market valuation
  • Four things to do when the market eventually drops
  • And more!

Tune in now to discover what to do (and not do) during this current stock market valuation!

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