Why women need to be aware of their financial situation with Belinda Tsui (Ep.122)

Why women need to be aware of their financial situation with Belinda Tsui (Ep.122)

Calling all women!! Are you currently in a position where your partner manages your finances and you have no idea what they are? Then it’s time for you to get more involved in these conversations.

Being aware of your assets and investments while truly understanding all of your finances is more important than ever. It allows you to take the burden off your future self in case you are faced with a big life change that may impact the way in which you manage your finances. 

In this episode, Larry Heller, CFP®, is joined by Belinda Tsui, CFP® a Wealth Manager at Heller Wealth Management to discuss what women need to know when it comes to managing their finances, with, or without a partner. 

Belinda and Larry discuss: 

  • Experiences they have had with women clients that were not involved in their financial situation and the impact it had when faced with a life change. 
  • The importance of both spouses being part of the financial meetings and discussions regarding familial financial decisions 
  • How women can get more involved in the financial planning process
  • And more

Connect with Belinda Tsui:

  • (631) 248-3600

Connect with Larry Heller: 

About Our Guest:

As a wealth manager with over 20 years experience, Belinda Tsui, CFP® has been with Heller Wealth Management since 2019. She focuses on advising, counseling, and creating financial resilience for high-net-worth individuals, divorcees/widows and business owners with a concentration of working with women.

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