Unlocking Tax Strategies to Optimize Your Retirement (Ep. 152)

Unlocking Tax Strategies to Optimize Your Retirement (Ep. 152)

Are you effectively using tax strategies to boost your retirement investments?

Explore this insightful episode of the Life Unlimited Podcast featuring Larry Heller, CFP®, CDFA®. Larry delves into strategic tax planning and investment strategies designed to optimize retirement savings both during your working years and in retirement. Drawing from his experience as a former CPA, he underscores the significance of not only what you earn but also what you retain after taxes. Tune in as Larry highlights key strategies like capital gains management, tax loss harvesting, and the advantages of ETFs over mutual funds for tax efficiency. The episode emphasizes the importance of proactive tax planning for a secure and financially efficient retirement.

Larry Discusses:

  • The importance of understanding the advantages of ETFs for minimizing capital gains taxes
  • How and when to implement this strategy to reduce taxes by offsetting gains with losses
  • Insights on deciding which retirement account fits best depending on your current and future tax brackets
  • Maximizing tax benefits by converting during lower-income years, benefiting both the account holder and heirs
  • The necessity for a coordinated approach between financial advisors and tax professionals to optimize retirement strategies
  • And more!



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